How to Make Mind Map

14 12 2009

Well, first, KISASians ,  don’t be jealous, I had finished BM,BI,SEJ,BIO,CHEM holiday packages!! huhu..

But that’s not my main topic for now, today I wanna talk about a software that I’ve found while finding a way to do the BM Package.I thought I wanna share it with you guys….

Okay,for my blog visitors, if you wanna know,we’re given a task to finish all the holiday packages of 12 subjects during this holiday .. (it;s everyone’s nightmare,of course)

One of them is Bahasa Melayu folio making where we need to come out with 5 mind map on  the title below:

1) Bencana alam

2) Masalah kesesakan jalan raya

3) Masalah buta teknologi dalam kalangan masyarakat

4) Masalah ponteng sekolah dalam kalangan pelajar

5) Perpaduan

For every topic,there must be 3 elements that is Punca/Masalah,Kesan/Kepentingan,Langkah Mengatasi.

So yesterday I tried to push my heavy butt to work on this by using Microsoft Word.To my shock,it;s really hard to do even by making use of the SmartArt graphic ( btw,i’m using Word  2007).So,while I was searching in the net,I came across this wonderful mind mapping software called Xmind.This software will make mindmapping in computer as easy as typing..(well,is it the correct comparison?,never mind =) ).It is also user friendly,after I download it,I am on a mindmapping frenzy in no time.

I think this software is really good for us as students.You can use this to make note making ,organising your tasks, and finishing assignment easier.You can also choose from various mindmap structure such as fishbone,logic chart,tree,organisation(can be used to create organisational chart easily)

Here some screenies:

So now,maybe you’re wondering where to download this,right?


That’s all,please comment and subscribe to my blog for more infos and articles!




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