Islam and The World (A View of a 16 yrold Student)

23 11 2009

Woahh..a pretty heavy topic,  i’ll say.But I will try to make it as simple as possible according to what I believe.

This thing popped out from my mind after hearing something for my relative last night.She is venting her anger on me about a man wearing a ‘kopiah’  driving carelessly and relentlessly on the road.Then,she added,making global statement about Muslims all over the world giving a bad image for the only one true religion in the world.Furthemore, according to her experience, usually the ustaz and ustazah in school wearing untidy attire,sometimes dirty… and always opposing and very conservative, like to object everyone’s decision.

In my opinion all the nasty things being bombarded towards Islam is the fault of the Muslims itself.I’m not saying that all ustaz and ustazah are like that but “One Rotten Apple Spoils the Whole Barrell”.The ustaz and ustazah in my school are different.They are the people who I think lead the science teachers in terms of thinking and IT skills.I got a culture shock when I first came here seeing these respected people doing some complex computer works and assignments.This is what we want to see in a true Muslim and Muslimat.

Yea,, I’ve seen alot of these things that bring shame to the only true religion i the whole world.Terrorists burning houses and went on a killing spree on the streets,bombing hotels and public places by making ISLAM as the reason are for me the most threatening people to my beloved religion.In my school,for example,there are a type of students who are so extremists that they are hypersensitive to programmes held by the school or NGO.If there is something that had to do with the religion,even the most smallest one,they will start to become so “jumud” or very conservative.

I think this is the reason why Islam become the most backward and had the worst reputation for being a terrorist religion.

I know that I am stil a 16 years old student and do not know anything about life and bla…bla..bla… but as far as I know Islam is not like what these people that I had written before do.Islam is the Way of Life to Success in Life and Hereafter.If not,why had Prophet Muhammad and his Companion followed by Caliphate and Abbasids,Ottoman had achieved a level of worldly success while not neglecting the effort to Hereafter’s Success.Think of It,my brothers and sisters.

I think that’s all for this time.Not too much or it will become a boring post.Actually there’s alot to say and explain but for now,this is it.Look at these pictures and take lesson and try to improve ourselves in the future.





2 responses

2 12 2009
no name

a good article…
all muslims should realize bout this…

5 12 2009

bravo..interesting post..we’re in the same boat indeed..

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