New Interest

22 11 2009

I’m playing Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War Dark Crusade no.It’s a pretty good game.It’s kinda recaptures my imagination when I was a child about space battles like stars wars, star trooper,doom and something like that.

In the game, I prefer playing as the Tau Empire.I like the race’s niche area in ranged combat.The fire warriors and the Kroot thingies produce the best combination of force.

The detailed animation and spectacular effects made this game stands out from other similar games.You could see some bloodiest and and breathtaking battles in this game.

My strategy is using the Kroot clan to take on the enemy at close combat and Fire Warriors as the backup,pounding enemy with  fatal burst of plasma beam.I always use the Mon;tka strategy because of the Hammerhead gunship superior firepower.

There is also a mega trainer with a lot options.But i recommend you to get the best game experience turn off the unlimited resource option coz  the race to control all the strategic points on the map made the game interesting.

For all the RTS gamers out there, I recommend this game if you want a good and long lasting strategy game


p/S: Check the DOWNLOADS section for the mega trainer link and mod tool.




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