Paradigm Shift

22 11 2009

Well, this is my third blog i’ve created..The other 2 is … i don’t know, maybe i don’t have much idea to write.Even if I post a lot of article,people still uncared about my blog.

I’ve learned few lessons from my process of blogmaking during this months or can i say this year.

1. I am not expressing myself truely.All my posts revolves around things that I do not understand completely myself or things that I understand but not interested in.

2. I wrote to attract people to my blog,become famous and forgot the spirit of blogging that is expressing myself freely.

3. I want to get profit from ads,clicks and something like that.


From this lessons, I’ve decided that I will create a new blog which is a field of expressions,thoughts and sharing for me and people out there like you.Well,  I am surprise if you’re reading this post coz I don’t expect anyone to visit my blog.


Well after this , I’ll make sure that I will wrote what comes out of my mind that  need to be shared with the world

So long, Bubba…..




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